Hey there. So a little about me...

Originally from Rhode Island, started with black & white photography in 2005, film & video since 2008, and graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2010 with a concentration in Directing for Film.

So what's the story with "Six"? My last name, Del Sesto, translates to "Of the Sixth" from Italian. So I translated to English and truncated it because it sounds WAY COOLER that way, right? Okay well... sounds a bit catchier than "Chris Del Sesto Photo & Video".


As you'll see from my portfolio, I'm not strictly a "wedding", "commercial", "food" or any other specific type of filmmaker/videographer/photographer. I consider myself a visual storyteller above all else. And whether that story is being told with film & video, photography, or a bit of both, my focus is always on figuring out the most effective way to tell it. 

So that's just a little about me. If you have any questions for me that aren't covered on my website, feel free to hit me up using the contact page here.

Thanks for stopping by, and look forward to hearing from you.